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December 10th, 2011

2011 RT TV Interview of Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk (Spanish, 26 minutes)

Below I have embedded a YouTube 26-minute interview made by the Spanish channel RT TV this year about me and about chess. If you speak Spanish you will enjoy it. If you don’t speak Spanish, head over anyway to my YouTube news channel “ChessQueenTV“, as you will find clips there in many languages. By the way, did you recognize the famous chess champion sitting in front of me in the photo to the left?



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6 Responses to “2011 RT TV Interview of Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk (Spanish, 26 minutes)”

  1. qfernando says:

    hii… GM Alexandra :)

    i think it was Entrevista… :D
    am i right..??

    By the way can you teach me or play with me even once…
    i will be thankful… :)

    from unrecognize chess player… “Qfernando”
    Hope you the best GM Alexandra Kosteniuk…. ^_^

  2. Alberto says:

    Alexandra it was a very interesting interview, I like the way your thoughts are put into words. Those 26 minutes went really fast! I’d love to see chess on TV also. Thankfully no we have internet and we can see videos like these and GM games any time!

    Thank you and congratulations!

  3. Volkswagon says:


  4. Jorge Rios says:

    Boris Spassky is seated by the chess table with you. Did you two actually play together?. Who won?

  5. chessqueen says:

    Yes it was Boris Spassky, he is a wonderful person and has so many stories to share. We did not have time to play a whole game, just a few moves for the cameras.

  6. j.l., vienna says:

    what a fantastic news. All the best for your futher Beijing Quest. More golds to come. YESSSSSS