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September 10th, 2008

Alexandra Kosteniuk beat Pia Cramling in their first game at the World Chess Championship in NalchikIt was pure domination today, before 30 moves were played Cramling playing Black could hardly find any piece to move. Have a look (copy and paste moves into the pgn player then press "apply"): 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Nc6 4. Nf3 Nf6 5. e5 Ne4 6. Bd3 Bb4 7. Bd2 Nxd2 8.
Qxd2 f6 9. a3 Bxc3 10. Qxc3 fxe5 11. dxe5 Qe7 12. h4 Bd7 13. b4 a6 14. h5 O-O-O
15. Qd2 Kb8 16. c3 Rdf8 17. Qe3 Na7 18. a4 c5 19. bxc5 Rc8 20. Rb1 Qxc5 21.
Qxc5 Rxc5 22. Bxa6 Rc7 23. Kd2 Bxa4 24. Rb4 Bd7 25. Rhb1 Bc8 26. Nd4 Re8 27. f4
Ree7 28. Rb6 h6 29. g3 Re8 30. Rd6 Ree7 31. Bf1 Bd7 32. Bh3 Nc8 33. Bxe6 Nxd6
34. exd6 Bxe6 35. dxe7 Bd7 36. Nf5 1-0 Tomorrow the second game of this semi-final will be played (watch live at 3 PM local time). In the other semi-final, Hou beat Koneru with the white pieces. The tension is at a maximum since the ticket to the World Chess Championship Final is at stake.

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