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November 20th, 2007

Chess Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk is playing the world chess blitz championship qualifyer in MoscowIt was undoubtedly the strongest blitz tournament in the world, held in Moscow’s famous Central Chess Club, the World Blitz Championship Qualifyers, with over 60 Grandmasters (men). There were only two women that hold that supreme GM title that were invited to play, Alexandra Kosteniuk and Kateryna Lahno. They both did a respectable 9.5 points, with Kateryna beating GM Smirin 2-0 and Alexandra beating GM Naiditsch 2-0, both 2639 ELO, among several upsets suffered by the men. That’s what we call girl power! We have all games in video and will soon post the best ones on Chessmovies (Quicktime) and Tubechess (Flash).

Pufichek’s photo album is ready for you to view, we will add new photos in the next days.

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