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September 3rd, 2006

Alexandra Kosteniuk drew Artiom Timofeev the Russian Championship in TomskAlexandra did a great performance today, she played a very nice and complicated game with black and held her own against one of the favorites, Grandmaster Artiom Timofeev, FIDE ELO 2657, member of the Russian National Men’s Team. The game ended up in a draw after 46 moves. Thanks for your emails of encouragement, it’s not easy for Alexandra to be the only woman competing at this high level, she appreciates it. We hope Alexandra will continue to do well in this tournament. If you’d like to download Alexandra’s game in pgn, click here. If you want you can copy-paste the moves from the pgn file (it’s a text file and can be opened in any text editor) and play them in our PGN Player.

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