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September 27th, 2005

Alexandra Kosteniuk missed a nice win against Popov in KazanHere’s a position that shows that everybody can make mistakes and you can learn from them. It’s from the recent Kazan Russian Championship, where Alexandra is playing GM Popov. Alexandra played very convincincly the beginning of the game and had the advantage. Alexandra’s last 2 moves were 28…c4!! 29.dxc4 d3!! 30. Qb1 (current position). Here Alexandra missed the very precise 30…Qe6!! which would have probably won the game. Instead she played 30…Qg6? which lost, and she was quite disappointed to have missed winning against a GM. The lesson to learn is that one has to play precise moves till the end! If you would like to see the position commented in detail, click here to see the pgn.

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